Textile Machinery

Contribute to the global textile industry by responding to new social needs.
Our business begins not only by responding to customers' needs,
but by investigating what it is that customers really want. We provide complete support starting from clarifying the problem, offering proposals in order to resolve technical issues, developing new products and features, and gathering information, from system proposal to construction, to on-going technical support and maintenance. If it has anything to do with textile machinery, leave it to us. The word 'impossible' is not in our dictionary.



 point.gif Non-Woven Production Line


 High-Performance Fibers Equipment

  Airbag & Car Seat Production Line


 Knitting Machinery


  Synthetic Fiber Machinery


 Towel Sewing System


   Spinning Machinery

 Drainage Processing System


  Weaving Machinery


 Power Generating Machinery


  Jacquard & Dobby

 Air Conditioning / Compressed Air Systems 


  Dyeing and Finishing Machinery


 Composite Materials Equipment